Welcome to Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer

Planning and Monitoring Board

1 Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor
2 External Members nominated by the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor
  1. Prof. B. R. Choudhary (Vice-Chancellor, Agricultural University, Jodhpur)
  2. Prof. Vijay Singh (Retd. Professor, Pacific University, Udaipur)
  3. Dr. S. C. Kulshreshtha (Chairman, Shri Ram Group of College, Muzaffarnagar, UP)
  4. Prof. Chainaram(Dept. of Mathematics, Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur)
3 Deans of all faculties
4 Members of University staff nominated by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor
  1. Prof. Subhash Chandra (Head, Dept. of Zoology)
  2. Prof. Praveen Mathur  (Head, Dept. of Environmental Science
  3. Dr. Deepika Upadhyay (Dept. of Management Studies)
  4. Sh. Ramdhan Meena (S.O. Exam PG)
  5. Smt. Jayshree Sharma (Assistant, Research Section)
5 Comptroller of Finance
6 Registrar (Member Secretary)
Pushkar By-Pass Road,
Rajasthan 305009
Phone: 0145 278 7056
Nodal Officer: Prof. Neeraj Bhargava |
HelpLine: 18001806402 (TollFree) and ask for section concerned
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